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Welcome to , the online Wine Journal!

You are visiting the newest and most unique wine community for wine lovers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Now you have a way to organize, store and share all of your wine notes and labels, to discover and connect with wine makers and sellers all over the world, to blog about your discoveries, and to manage your wine-tasting parties and events.

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If you've seen enough and want to try us out, please do! It's free for individuals.

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Save your favorite wines in your own free journal

Have you ever walked into a wine shop and confronted a vast wall of wines... you know you tasted a great wine recently but you just cannot remember what it was? If only you had a print-out of that wine from GrapeMojo!

Write notes and collect labels - easily

As you enjoy new wine finds, you can scan or photograph the label (or it may already be available!) and add it to your online Journal. Add notes so you'll keep track of your opinions and easily reference your notes months later.

Browse and save other wine lovers' journals and blogs

Using GrapeMojo, you can find wines that other people like or wines you've heard of, and read about other people's experiences with them. Plus, you can find out if local shops or restaurants carry that wine and find new places to dine.

Blog, comment and inspire your readers

You can turn your journal into a blog, where you share your Journal with friends and invite guests to comment back. You can bookmark other members' journals and create a network of friends. Plus, we offer special tools for creating wine tasting groups!

Find vineyards and wineshops and specials they offer;

As you discover wines and members through our site, you can connect with winemakers, shops and restaurants that offer those wines, and you can even find wine-tasting events or tours around the world.

If you've seen enough and want to try us out, please do! It's free for individuals.

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Wine makers and sellers, you are also invited to learn more about partnering with GrapeMojo.com.

You can read more about us in our extended history page.

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